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Subject: EastSiders 7 and 8-------------
Chapter 7
-------------"So, you are staying with me then?" Jamie smiled. Beppe had been so scared
that Jamie would leave him. Jamie shook his head."No, I love you. We're gonna be a big family. A big disfunctional, rather
odd family." Jamie said laughing. Beppe kissed him.Beppe walked into E 20 that afternoon. Pauline was sitting down by
herself. Beppe sat next to her. "What's wrong Pauline?" He asked."My son left me for a man." She said. "I mean, I'm blood, that... boy, he's
just sperm." She said. Beppe snickered. She looked at him oddly."Sorry. Look, have you talked to him on the phone yet?" He asked. She shook
her head. He smiled. "Call him Pauline." He said. He got up and walked over
to Lisa and Mark. They were sitting at the bar talking. "How you folks
doing today?" He asked. Lisa gave him an angry look. She whispered
something into Marks ear. He nodded and left the bar. "What's wrong?" He
asked."Oh, besides the fact that you are splitting a family up, nothing much."
Beppe rolled his eyes. "Don't roll your eyes at meBeppe DiMarco, you are
nothing but gutter trash. And you're a homewrecking homosexual." She
said. Beppe laughed."Ok, you stupid twat. You know what? I wasn't supposed to tell you, but
Sonia was sleeping around before she got pregnant." Lisa young sexy breasts
was shocked. She
sat there stupified. "Oi, say something you right cow." A tear came out of
her eye."I'm sorry Beppe." She said."That's right, with good reason. You fucking slapper." He said. He got up
and walked away. Lisa started to cry.Jamie walked into the E 20 in his pajama bottoms and no shirt. It was
Midnight and he wanted Beppe to cuddle up to, he didn't care about anyone
seeing him. Everyone stared at Jamie's bare chest. He had a six pack going,
and a treasure trail, but no other hair on his chest. He walked up to
Lisa. "Oi, where's Bepps?" He asked. She cried tpg young teen
even more. "What's wrong?"
He asked."I'm a bitch." She said. Jamie hugged her."No, you're not." He said. She told him what all she said to Beppe. "Oh
please, I lay into him everyday. real young cunt
I'll go have a chat with him and fix it
all." He said. "But, only on one condition." He said."What is it?" She asked."I wanna babysit Louise next time you need help." She laughed and
nodded. Jamie went to talk with Beppe and in an hour everything was fine."Oh Lisa, I'm sorry." Beppe said hugging her."Now come on babe. We have got some cuddiling to do." Jamie said. They
went home and cuddled all night. Amongst other things.-------------
Chapter 8
-------------Jamie woke up the next morning alone. Perfect, Beppe had left without
telling him goodbye. Oh well, he had wanted to go through Beppe's stuff
anyways. He got up and walked to the end of the bed. He reached under the
matress. No luck. He reached under the other side."If you're looking for porn, it's in my closet Jamie." Beppe said upset
looking. Jamie smiled. Beppe was in the bathroom."I wanted to see if you were really all gay. I thought maybe you were bi."
Beppe got an angry look on his face."Does it matter? I mean, I am with you right now, not a girl. I don't
believe in snooping around Jamie. If you want to know something just ask
me." Jamie young nubile teen nodded."I just wanted to know..." Beppe cut him off."Jamie, I told you already. What, you think I would lie?" He asked. Jamie
shrugged. Beppe got angry. "I would never lie to you Jamie." Beppe said. He
picked up Jamie's overnight bag. "I think you should go home." He
said. Jamie looked upset. He had been staying 'overnight' for 2 weeks
now. He considered himself to live there.Jamie was now angry. He walked over and grabbed his bag. He got into
Beppe's face. "Funny, I thought I was home." He said. He walked out.Jamie walked into The Vic that afternoon. He was in need of a shower and
home. Peggy spotted him. "Jamie, come here." She said. Jamie walked to
her. :What are you doing? You looke like crap." She said."Beppe kicked me out." He said."Well, now you can go back to Sonia." She said smiling. Jamie shook his
head."Sonia was screwing around before me." He said. Peggy mouthed 'oh' and
turned around. She grabbed a key from behind the bar."Ok, you're staying upstairs sweety." She said. Jamie smiled and went to
hug her. Peggy put her hands out."Sweety, you need a shower." She said. He smiled. Mark walked in with
Louise."Jamie, Lisa said you wanted to babysit?" naked young couples He asked. Jamie smiled."Ya, but do you mind if Peggy watches her while I take a shower?" He
asked. Peggy beamed. She loved watching Louise. young and porn Mark nodded. Jamie went
upstairs to shower."So, where are You and Lisa going then?" Peggy asked, holding the baby."We're going out for a nice lunch, then I am taking her shopping." He
said. Peggy laughed. "What?" Mark asked smiling."Shopping, with Lisa? young chics porno
God, you'll be gone for hours." She said."I know." He said rolling his eyes. "But Jamie wanted to take care of the
baby for a while so I decided to porno very young be a hero and take her on a shopping
spree." He said. Peggy laughed. "Well, best be going." He said. Peggy and
Mark parted ways, as she took care of the baby and he went shopping with
Lisa.'RIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG' The phone rang. Pauline picked young miss magazine
up. "'Ello?" She asked."Mum?" Martin said on the other end."Sweety, how are you?" She asked."I'm good. Guess where I was." He said."Where?" She said smiling."Disney Land." He said laughing. Pauline laughed."Did you have fun?" She asked."Ya, Me, Stee, Mel, and Robbie rode a bunch of rides, then Stee bought me
this 200 dollar ring with Mickey Mouse on it." He said."Oh how nice. Wait, who is Robbie?" She asked."Melanie's new fiancee." He said."Mel's engaged?" She asked."Ya, but don't tell Lisa, she wants to surprise her." He said."I thought they hated each other now." She said."Well, Me and Stee talked to her and she is almost ready to forgive her."
He said. Pauline nodded. "Well look, Mum, I've gotta go, but young nubile teen I'll ring you
later." He said."Oh no, you just called." She said. He laughed. "Sweety..." She said sadly."Mum, I miss you." He said. Pauline smiled. "And I wanna come home..."------------------------------wow, cliffhanger, eh? So, what do you think of the story then? Well, E Mail
me steptacularmeaol.com or A1_DUDE2002yahoo.com dosent matter which. I
use aol for my internet, and yahoo to send stuff to nifty, each are checked
daily.Now there is an EastSiders web site. www.eastsiders.gq.nu please visit and
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